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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Logistics in Brazil

In the current language of politics, of business as well as current affairs, we usually refer to certain Countries as "Emerging Markets". The definition is really wide and general, in some circumstances the opportunities that may present on territories are not caught immediately, especially as concerns "Logistics". Yet the global figures and the analysis allow to notice the current and future requirements of the "Emerging Markets", and also to the needs of their domestic market, where it is necessary not to neglect the chance that may open and  obtain from one or from the Country towards other Countries.

On international scale Brazil is considered for many years the main "Emerging Market" in the Centre and South America, and also the second one after China. The development process hasn’t stopped yet and it is not expected to slow down in the next 20/30 years, it speeds up at a pace that a European mind in the second millennium might not even imagine. Only with the suitable acquaintances and the presence on the territory you may observe, catch and verify undisputed developments and fast progress.

The Government has reckoned a demographic growth of about 35% distributed in the next decade: such an event will determine an exponential increase of consumers goods that will be doubled. This is one of the reasons that pushed the "Country" to start an important structural plan, already started in 2010.

The "Gross Domestic Product" (GDP or PIL) and so the domestic consumptions of the Country grow in the same percentage of those occurred in the United States in the Thirties’ and with it every requirement that naturally causes a constant and exponential increase in every field. The future of the Country is somehow already arranged. The development perspective of "GDP or PIL" for next 5/7 years (until 2018-20) is included between 4% and 6% per year, second only after China. If compared to China Brazil benefits from an average wages situation well established. Such an element allows the Country to boast certainties about the composition of the fabric of the society. There won’t be any risks of fluctuations of the consumptions, that due to the gradient of satisfaction of the welfare and the capacity of buying always in constant growth determines stability. These real easy elements and not fluctuating data allow to formulate reliable statistics.

By now, 2013, despite of its peculiar and wide range of resources, Brazil imports about 65% goods onto its domestic market from foreign Countries. Also raw materials are imported in large quantities because they are really indispensable for production processes.

On the other hands, as the "Country" is:

  • The second producer in the World of soya and of its storage.
  • One of the primary producers of iron beams.
  • One of the primary producers of steel bars and ingots.
  • One of the most important Countries for the storage of Oil and Natural Gases

It is developing and building a lot the harbour activities and the maritime transport in order to become by 2016/18 the most important place for import/export of goods, liquids, gases in the Centre and in the South America. The framework of everything implies that "Logistics" regarding storing, warehousing, keeping and linking must become functional and practical, that is the main cog of the system. To carry out this structural plan the Brazilian Government passed very flexible laws that permit the fulfilment of every necessary step in a fast and straightforward way.

As evidence of what mentioned, in a short period a series of laws have been passed: they will permit to step up and quickly develop all the "Logistics", indispensable to the purpose fulfilment (if you contact us and ask for specific information).

Given that Bright Business Consulting LLP does not work in the field of "Logistics" in the first person, but it is involved in this industry through consolidated and calcified synergies in the "PEE Project", useful to the accompaniment of the companies involved in this market. However in this scenario the analysis through a "Consulting for the Company Investigation & Commercial Information" is the right suggestion, especially for businesses that want to operate in the field of "Logistics" selling equipment and/or related accessories.


In order to operate successfully, today and in perspective, in the growing field of "Logistics" in Brazil is absolutely advisable to have a local strong commercial presence also with the aim of accessing both the fixed contributions and also the provided tax concessions. For such a purpose a Brazilian corporate body with suitable accreditations is advisable, so Bright Business Consulting LLP is the ideal partner for the fulfilment of what has been already mentioned. 

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