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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Brazil for Everybody

Let's start consider whatever we have always imagined about Brazil; wonderful coastline, life on the beach, picturesque carnival, deep-blue sea; friendly people: this is just reality.

Brazil is characterized by a varied economy in fast expansion that, beyond being the ninth largest in the world,- Goldman Sachs thinks it will be among the largest five ones in the world by 2030, it is also member of the BRIC group of the emerging economies.

Brazil is a country of great beauty, a great emerging agricultural power, full of resources, and enjoys a climate and a lifestyle with no rivals in the world. Politically speaking, it is a stable democracy that promotes the investments coming from abroad, with a high degree of evaluation of the international investment credit, a strong law system, a tourism industry still undeveloped but that is growing fast.

In order to understand the logic and the reasons to invest in Brazil, is highly important to understand the climate, the politics, the economy and the favourable conditions for foreign investors. If we go back and compare all these aspects to its recent economic performances, becomes suddenly clear that not only Brazil is going to improve its economic welfare, but includes also the market of properties among the various opportunities.

It is to highlight that the foreign investor acquires the same rights of the Brazilian citizens that benefit attractive tax cuts.

The possibilities of property investments are anyway many-sided: 

  • Civil low-cost property investments: often project financed by the Federal Government with the aim of giving opportunities to first-time buyers belonging to middle-law classes of the population. They aren't meant at all for foreign investors.
  • Residential property investments: aimed at middle classes that last year represented more than 50% population (199 million). It is concentrated in the large urban areas.
  • Residential and tourist property investment: for the National demand (middle-upper classes) and international as second or third homes. Preferred areas: north-east of Brazil where the climate is mild throughout all the 12 months.
  • Commercial and productive property investment: it regards many states of Brazil, that record a strong economic growth. 
In the last years prices have well re-valued, sometimes doubled, and a large margin of development is expected in the next years. Another important element, we could say "essential" for a foreign businessman, is the security that today Brazilian laws offer the investor, as the purchase occurs with contracts that are legally complete. 

For some years Brazil has become a dream for many people. For some people it has always been a dream, but for other people, also due to the economic crisis, Brazil has become a destination to reach. Brazil offers surely many job opportunities, unemployment is all-time low; the consumptions are steady and the government and Municipalities are investing a lot on great works: 

  • Stadiums
  • Airports.
  • Ports.
  • Transports.
  • Hotel field. 

Beyond the great scarcity of infrastructures they are trying to solve, there is a great scarcity of skilled labour force in many sectors. Brazil is investing a lot on technical education of youth to cope with the requirements of the market but the process is long and the effects will be seen only at medium and long term. They are in need of skilled professional men, European ones are precious in Brazil for their preparation, skills and seriousness. Salaries for professional men with high qualification are very high, whereas not very skilled roles are nor valued.

To settle down in Brazil you need planning: first of all you need a "Permanent Visa". Bright Business Consulting LLP supports all those who need the issue of a "Permanent Visa".

With a "Tourist Visa" it is possible to stay in Brazil only ninety days every six months. It means that after three months in Brazil, you must go back to your country for other three months before returning to Brazil again.

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