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Saturday, August 18, 2018

The Country

Brazil is well-known for football tradition and also for its great and popular Carnival parades: this is part of the economical and cultural heritage of this Country, and is also renowned for the huge tourist resources, due to nature, sea and climate that is different between the north and the south of the Country. The main feature is the huge territorial extension, also meant as greatness. The physical, climate, environmental greatness and, last but not least, the high number of inhabitants, makes this Country an interesting place for the economic development in the present and in the future.

Brazil is a federal, presidential Republic and it is considered one of the main "Emerging Markets" in the world. It is member of "BRICS" (a group that includes Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), that is the five biggest emerging countries with the best economic development in the world, and there are also defined will-be-dominant economies in the world by 2050.

With its currency, named Reas, not very spread and not usually exchanged, Brazil is successful for the strategy of economic development. Along with the USA, China, Japan, Germany and France, Brazil is one of the first economic powers in the world, as it has exceeded both Italy and United Kingdom in the last two years.

It can be considered a developing and industrialized Country, but also modern and post-industrialized according to the way it may be evaluated and interpreted. It is a developing and industrialized Country because it is overcoming the demographic transition, by developing the communication ways and by exporting tropical and mineral products as well as forming commercial relationships with new Countries. It is modern and post-industrialized due to its architecture, to the development of telecommunications and technology.

Brazil in the last century has undergone a rapid, progressive and exponential growth of the incomes, that basically contributes to the economic development of the Country that, in the present 2013 is rushing with the same pace America grew in the thirties Skills and knowledge of Bright Business Consulting LLP together with some more factors allow everybody (physical persons and/or corporate bodies) to access this Country with appropriate "Warranty and Assistance" both for a life change and also for a diversification of their own business, as well as for increasing the turnovers of their own companies.

Brazil is a Federate Country, that is formed by "Federate States" each of them with its own autonomy but depending on the government of the central district based in Brasilia, capital of the Country and main political centre both for the Country but also for the whole South America. The quality of the relationships among the different regions, that is the States, if added to the increase of the communicative structure, are factors that allow the country to grow in a joint way, without any inequalities among the different States.

The population is increasing together will the economic growth, also because it is member to “MERCOSUL or MERCOSUR” (Common Market of the South and of the Community of the Countries of the South America). All the information we are giving in brief together with the strong and steady national identity and the rich and unitarian culture, place Brazil in a position of chief importance as regards the future development of the economy and politics in the world scenery.

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