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Bright Business Consulting LLP

Bright Business Consulting Llp

Bright Business Consulting LLP has been an acknowledged, expert and experienced firm for much time, as it is made up of professionals who have been working for many years internationally. Therefore, it can guarantee its Customer high-quality Services. Coordination of opposed subjects happens every day: business strategy, audit and tax office is what makes BBC-LLP more different, stronger and more efficient than other similar companies in the market. BBC-LLP is aimed at companies, professionals and individuals, supporting its  small, medium and large scale Customer, offering him a "FIRST MEETING-COMPLETELY FOR FREE" Service. During the Preliminary Information collecting or its mutual exchange - which is useful to achieve a customized solution, the Customer is carefully interviewed in order to understand his particular needs. Finding answers to questions, asking questions to anyone who needs answers and solutions are tasks that BBC-LLP aims to be  complementary of its Customer, as its first goal  for a successful achievement. Customers are guaranteed maximum confidentiality before, during and after the carry-out  of the Assignment. Contact us for free.

Formation Company & Tax AdvisoryBUSINESS 

Relying on Bright Business Consulting LLP as regards "Formation Company & Tax Advisory" allows to use the Services in a direct way without any intermediary intervention. The customized assistance is established according to the specific needs of the Customer, planning and optimizing the fiscal intervention in a correct way in order to develop their business, their trade or manage financial companies as well as movable and property assets. BBC-LLP supports the Customer towards an organized and effective company establishment. Establishing a new company in United Kingdom is arduous, therefore it is really important to know the procedure system and also to receive the appropriate accreditations. The authorization process of a branch office of a foreign company is carried out through a quiet complex bureaucratic procedure requiring also remarkable expenses. For these reasons, foreign companies, except a few exceptions, avoid using "local branches" or "branch offices", thus preferring to establish real and regular British companies, in some cases shared to 100%. Our experience in this specific Core Business allows us to provide counselling, assistance, by coordinating all the information regarding the company establishment and more extra Services that complete and integrate this area, really important for us.

Marketing & Asset CompanyMARKETING

 “Marketing & Asset Company represents a turning point for many companies, professional men or private who have company plans to develop or assist. The counselling for the company investigations and the commercial information includes several strategic Services. A business plan and a well-established review are two factors that make the difference to access and to employ financial levers and tools. Bright Business Consulting LLP deals with finding funds, credit modes and partner or venture capitalistic finding that may be present in the business and financial world. The Customers of Bright Business Consulting LLP benefits from the counselling and the ad hoc assistance aimed at achieving the aims of the project. Through its own Services BBC-LLP supports the competitiveness within the economical and entrepreneurial system in the British Market, helping its Customers in the processes of making international the companies in United Kingdom. The decision of a foreign entrepreneur of establishing a company as a sole trader or with a British partner will depend on the main consideration about the contribution that each partner will offer to the fulfilment of all the aims of the new born company. Trading with companies or associating with partners sharing present and operating in the Country represent a good opportunity to enter the Country that a foreign investor can get, but an accurate assistance is necessary. If, on the one hand, such a situation turns to be an advantage as it may use an already existing industrial infrastructure and commercial network, on the other hand, it requires a detailed step procedure, as well as an accurate risk assessment. Bright Business Consulting LLP focuses on supplying a specific support for these steps by developing a Due Diligence Relationship that may be appropriate to the situation. Our experience in this specific Core Business allows us to supply counselling and assistance as regards due diligence relationships, company intelligence and more extra Services that complete and integrate this area, really important for us.

Marketing & Asset CompanyCONFIDENCE

 Secrecy is for everybody a right to defend. With the same secrecy and reliability Bright Business Consulting LLP has obtained in the last years the confidence of its own Customers. BBC-LLP with regular engagement within confidential Services is often committed to deal commercial reserved transactions on its Customers’ behalf. Our company through its Trust & Service Confidence department provides counselling as regards property, company or asset trusts. The Service of pro tempore managers or agents, or representatives, is deeply linked to the establishment of companies. We often employ third parties we trust in order to provide the fulfilment in the Services to access and operate in Brazil. Bright Business Consulting LLP operates with credit institutions on international field and it is qualified to introduce physical persons or corporate bodies to the main banks present on the Brazilian territory. Our experience in this specific core business allows us to supply counselling and assistance as regards everything in included in this specific area, such as the assistance to get the permanent visa or citizen ship, in addition of all the Services aimed at the fulfilment and integration of this area that is really important for us.

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~~A Holding in Brazil allows any foreign investor to carry out permanent activities in Brazil.

In Brazil, a foreign investor may establish a Holdin

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NOVEMBER, 2015 (from 11/08/15 to 11/16/15) - STATE OF MARANHÃO

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 High Profile Services

Brazilian Business

DO BUSINESS IN BRAZIL: Doing business in Brazil should be part of a process. Anyone wishing to do business in Brazil and get advice regarding to internationalization can ask for support to Bright Business Consulting LLP.

Internationalization - contact, support and business in international markets: i.e. the targets of "Park European Excellence - PEE", which is a project planned by BBC-LLP. This project is a substantiated effective tool for supporting both companies and entrepreneurs of any size, which are not only from Europe (particularly from Italy) and they are interested to work in the Brazilian market.

The project is fulfilled by providing contact with local Authorities (i.e. Embassies, Consulates, State companies and/or Municipal companies and so forth) and international trading partners, managing formal procedures and any other bureaucratic and administrative ones, as well as supporting subjects adjusting with prerequisites and suitability to do business in Brazil. These are the project's aims.

Improving over time, PEE Project got better thanks to some specific products - PEE Products. These products are versatile, perfectly designed and thought for both small and medium enterprises. PEE Products developed on real needs, in order to allow small and medium entrepreneurs to be leaders in the Brazilian Market, thus avoiding any matter due to limited disposable income. This often stops them from total independent investment, therefore they must give up exports and they are forced to work in their domestic markets.

Advice for free - BBC-LLP is aimed at small, medium and large sized companies, professionals and individuals, providing a first advice for free – First Meeting* Service.

Business Set-Up in Brazil

FEASIBILITY STUDY FOR BUSINESS SET-UP IN BRAZIL: Bright Business Consulting LLP can support any firm and everyone wishing to start up their own business model at best in Brazil, suggesting a proper feasibility study for business set-up in Brazil.

The useful purpose of a feasibility study for business set-up in Brazil focuses on analyzing each Customer's business model, turning thoughts and ideas into elements that allow Parties to assess how to plan the project.

It is essential to analyze any compliance of services, documents and so forth in order to perform a good feasibility study for business set-up in Brazil. In fact, anyone should verify its regulated services or products in comparison to standard ones in order to do business in the Brazilian market. A good study supported by a well-conducted market research are strategic to perform a successful business set-up in Brazil.

In this circumstance, Bright Business Consulting LLP is a crucial partner, offering its Customer a great experience gained in the Brazilian market.

Topics such as opening a bank account in Brazil, be it a corporate and/or a personal one, tax planning and drafting contracts in Brazil, are, indeed, related to a feasibility study for business set-up in Brazil.

Bright Business Consulting LLP plans Trade Missions and/or Business Missions as successful strategic tools in order to work in the Brazilian market.

Advice for free - BBC-LLP is aimed at small, medium and large sized companies, professionals and individuals, providing a first advice for free – First Meeting* Service.

Trade Missions and/or Business Missions in Brazil

TRADE MISSIONS AND/OR BUSINESS MISSIONS IN BRAZIL: Bright Business Consulting LLP organizes Trade Missions and/or Business Missions as tools for successful strategy to work in the Brazilian market, therefore to do business in Brazil.

You can choose between two different kinds of Service:

Exploratory Mission: i.e. organized in order to find useful direct info, which are critical to choose the three fundamental conditions at the base of a commercial project and its business development: safety, sustainability and solidity. This type of mission is commonly favored by companies that have decided to establish their headquarters and/or representative offices in their targeted markets and that also have the need to meet potential business partners, in order to agree on establishing companies or joint ventures.

Trade Mission: i.e. organized for the purpose of immediate contact with a number of potential business partners and/or customers to credit a company and its services and/or products, up to drafting agreements for distribution and/or sales.

Contact, Support and Business in International Markets: This is what PEE - Project is about, as it is the most congenial and helpful tool to support any company or entrepreneur of any size which can be a resident in and outside Europe and which is interested in working outside its Country of origin, therefore in International Markets.

PEE Products: PEE Project, thanks to many years of experience internationally, helps Bright Business Consulting LLP to target multiple offers and specific Services there - "PEE PRODUCTS". Such PEE PRODUCTS, which were designed and calibrated for any small and medium enterprise, are structured to allow "to be leaders in International Markets, in the British Market, in the Brazilian Market, in the Chinese Market and in the UAE Market." In fact, many of these businesses, due to their limited disposable income that can not support total and immediate self-investment, must give up exports and they are forced to work only in their domestic markets

Advice for free - BBC-LLP is aimed at small, medium and large sized companies, professionals and individuals, providing a first advice for free – First Meeting* Service.

Corporate Establishment in Brazil

CORPORATE ESTABLISHMENT IN BRAZIL: Bright Business Consulting LLP is a leading company regarding to corporate establishment in Brazil.

Establishing a company in Brazil, any company and/or entrepreneur can be a leader in the territory, i.e. The most important element in order to get success in a domestic market.

Corporate choices in Brazil can be LTDA, aka LIMITADA and EIRELI. Establishing a company in Brazil means targeting not only domestic business in Brazil, but also international business.

Establishing a company in Brazil means benefiting from working flexibility within both international and Brazilian markets plus, when it is needed, start the proper process to get a Permanent Visa, which is an essential requirement for a foreigner subject both for managing a Brazilian company without the aid of one or more attorneys and to live in the Country for more than 90 days - i.e. the expiry-date of a tourist visa.

Advice for free - BBC-LLP is aimed at small, medium and large sized companies, professionals and individuals, providing a first advice for free – First Meeting* Service.

Opening Bank Accounts in Brazil

OPENING BANK ACCOUNTS IN BRAZIL: Open a bank account in Brazil, both for individuals and legal entities, is totally legitimate, therefore it is important to target the best bank which may be suitable to customized needs.

Bright Business Consulting LLP, regarding to open a bank account in Brazil, can help this process by supporting and providing advice to its Customer.

Analyzing any service offered by banks is also essential, as Brazilian banks offer a variety of choices; some of them address specifically entrepreneurs and/or foreign companies, some others do that by advertising customized services and products cooperating with their Government in projects which target poor areas development. Other banks, instead, focus on saving by offering very high interest and so forth.

Related to open a bank account in Brazil, an option is getting a bank-card, a credit card and/or rechargeable cards.

Advice for free - BBC-LLP is aimed at small, medium and large sized companies, professionals and individuals, providing a first advice for free – First Meeting* Service.

Contracts in Brazil

CONTRACTS IN BRAZIL: Regarding to contracts in Brazil, Bright Business Consulting LLP focuses a lot of its resources on that subject; drafting agreements by customized contracts, providing legal advice (over covering any contractual steps) to enterprises and anyone who needs how to understand a Brazilian contract or how to get information about it are all Services covered by contracts in Brazil, whose subject is greatly known and analyzed by BBC-LLP.

Drafting Brazilian contracts is essential to face any useful meeting in order to get any trade agreement, joint venture, agency (i.e. a Broker), sponsorship, distribution, purchase, lease, work and so forth, as it involves many details to collect, analyze, match well and properly formalize, making part of a safe contract to base a business path.

Bright Business Consulting LLP is the ideal partner to be trusted for such an important task, i.e. drafting Brazilian contracts, as its great experience regarding to both Brazilian market and international markets (in order to protect oneself and to do business in Brazil, trademark registration is essential), is a precious skill to benefit from.

Advice for free - BBC-LLP is aimed at small, medium and large sized companies, professionals and individuals, providing a first advice for free – First Meeting* Service.

Permanent VISA in Brazil

PERMANENT VISA IN BRAZIL: Bright Business Consulting LLP offers its support in order to get a permanent visa in Brazil by analyzing each/any solution which may be more suitable to its Customer. The company focuses a lot of care into practices for issuing a permanent visa in Brazil as an investor, which is one of the most requested visas.

Designing a "Business Plan" that may support and substantiate business in Brazil is essential.

The procedure for getting a permanent visa in Brazil is not easy to manage. Its issuance depends on unquestionable decisions taken by the proper Authorities which shall consider the request. Its administrative procedure is rather long and complex due to the specific expertise and knowledge required for its fair appliance and submission of any document in order to ensure the issuance of a permanent visa in Brazil soon enough.

The lack of a stamp or a signature in the proper gap, the delivery of a document to an office which is not in charge of it and other small oversights will cancel its entire procedure, therefore the subject shall not be allowed to stay within the Brazilian territory.

Bright Business Consulting LLP ensures its greatest experience regarding to any procedure about it and how to get the proper kind of visa, as well as everything related to apply for and get a Brazilian tax card, aka CPF or CNPJ.

Advice for free - BBC-LLP is aimed at small, medium and large sized companies, professionals and individuals, providing a first advice for free – First Meeting* Service.

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MEETING CON BBC-LLP - T hrough our London head office and meeting offices and our branches throughout the world, we can carry out our company mission by supplying our Services in a direct way. When required, our counsellors may arrive at the Customer's office without any territory limitations except for those Countries where the concession of an entry visa might compromise following access to other Countries. In these cases the missions will be analysed according to the situations.

Emerging Markets

  In the common parlance of politics, of business as well as in the daily news, we often refer to certain Countries around the world talking about them as "Emerging Markets". The definition is very broad and vague, in some circumstances the opportunities that lie ahead in the territories are not caught with immediacy. The branch of Bright Business Consulting LLP dedicated to "Emerging Markets" was created and developed over time thanks to the skills and knowledge in the international field that have gradually been joined to the socio/political, strategic and essential relationships in helping them and of any accompanying subject whether physical or legal, in these countries. The total numbers and the analysis allow to observe the present and future needs of these territories, as well as the needs of their domestic market establishing the true chance open to those who grasp it. The GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and therefore domestic consumption in few of these Countries are growing in percentage terms similar to those of America in the '30s and with that, is also growing any kind of request that naturally leads to a constant and exponential increase of all kinds of requirements. The fate for some of these Countries is already decided; Countries such as China, India, Somalia, Russia, Argentina, Mexico, Peru and Brasil are the most important "Developing Markets" worldwide.

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PARK EUROPEAN EXCELLENCE - (PEE) - Selling or producing in the British Market is an ambition of many companies and entrepreneurs no only in Europe. Who has embarked on this path on their own found many difficulties, except in special and rare exceptions. The bureaucratic limits and the social austerity often cause a high waste of energy and resources, thus resulting in losses and economic conditions that may normally lead the initiative to failure. The contact with the appropriate channels, the link with the banking institutions, the access to credit or the opportunity to use ad-hoc financial instruments, as well as the identification of areas of settlement and of a system to achieve market penetration are among the earliest goals to do and manage business in United Kingdom. Through Bright Business Consulting LLP and the project "Park European Excellence - PEE" is possible to acquire both the appropriate contacts and the support to the business in such a valuable market.

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